Bioengin Group

Topics of the conference

  • Biodegradation and valorization of volatile compounds and air pollutants, including organic and inorganic pollutants, odours, N and S compounds 
  • Bioconversion and valorization of waste gases and greenhouse gases (e.g. CH₄, CO₂, CO) to useful products 
  • Syngas fermentation 
  • Biogas upgrading, biogas biodesulfurisation, synthesis gas purification 
  • Microbiology of biocatalysts: aerobic and anaerobic gas fermenting bacteria, fungi, algae 
  • Bioprocess engineering: bioreactor optimization and development, applied to waste gas treatment (e.g., suspended growth bioreactors, biotrickling filters, bioscrubbers, fluidized bed bioreactors, membrane bioreactors, modelling) 
  • Microbiological aspects of waste gas treatment: physiology and metabolism, new species, microbial populations in bioreactors, application of novel microbiology approaches 
  • Metabolic engineering, strain improvement 
  • Bioelectrochemical systems, microbial fuel cells 
  • Integration of biological and non-biological processes 
  • Non-biological gas treatment 
  • Industrial applications and case studies 
  • Any other related topic