Bioengin Group

The Fuels Laboratory is part of the group ENVIRONMENTAL BIOENGINEERING AND QUALITY CONTROL of the University of A Coruña. Offer a wide and varied range of services, mainly in the field of liquid fuels (gasoline, diesel, fuel oil …), gaseous (natural gas, propane, butane) and solid biofuels (wood chips, pellets …).

The Fuel Laboratory (ControlQ_LABCOMB), accredited by ENAC as a Fuel and Petroleum Products Testing Laboratory, is located on the ground floor of the lateral wing of the building that, in the A Cabana area in Ferrol, houses the «CIS Technology» building. and Design-Xunta de Galicia».

The Fuel Laboratory began its journey in October 2002 due to the need to ensure that the quality control of liquid and gaseous fuels found on the market is carried out by an independent body that is reliable for the Administration, for the company, and for the final consumers of the product. The Fuel Laboratory is accredited by ENAC as a Petroleum Products and Biofuels Testing Laboratory. The Laboratory ensures the traceability of the results obtained in the tests it performs.